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Soft Cervical Collar

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General Details

Soft cervical collars are commonly used by patients who have had a surgical intervention of the cervical spine, to immobilise the neck and as for the treatment of neck pain, caused by acute trauma or chronic pain. The main goal of neck collars is to prevent or minimise motion in the cervical spine. It also keeps the head in a comfortable gravity aligned position, maintaining normal cervical lordosis.

Soft collars are made out of felt. They are cut to mould around the neck and jaw of the patient, the size being adjusted to the patient. These collars do not completely immobilise the neck however, they restrict motion and are a kinesthetic reminder for the patient to reduce neck movement. Since the collar is under the chin and supports the chin, it minimises muscle contraction needed against the gravity forces to keep the head in a normal position .

Product Size

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Benefits using a quality soft cervical collar

01) Relieves Neck Pain

Among the most prevalent health problems in Sri Lanka Neck pain is a complex and subjective experience for most Sri Lankans with variegated musculoskeletal causes. About 90% of all neck pain problems are fostered by chronic strain, stress, and acute or repetitive neck injuries. Under the supervision of a trained doctor, good cervical collars can be used for pain management and gaining instant relief. However, if a person is suffering from excessive neck pain, it is advisable they seek proper medical consultations.

02) Traumatic Neck or Head Injuries

A cervical collar is usually worn after a very aggravated head or neck injury. It massively helps in stabilizing an injured person’s cervical area such as the spinal cord and skull, and also prevents the possibility of further injury. Moreover, a cervical support also acts as a remedy for decreasing the chances of spinal damage, paralysis, or even death!

03) Helps in Recovery

Cervical Collars are your best bet for fast recovery from a whiplash, traumatic head or neck injury or a spinal surgery. A Cervical collar quickly releases stress off the injured part of the body apart from immobilizing the injured areas. So that doctors advise their patients to effectively wear this device until they are done with the healing process or treatment per se.

04) Therapeutic Usage and Remedy for Whiplash

soft cervical collar are use to treat the whiplash the most common neck problem. The root cause of a whiplash is the infliction of damage unto the spinal tissues. It is an extremely traumatic injury in the cervical spine region caused by hyperflexion, hyperextension, or rotation injury. Apart from exercise and physical therapy for accelerating the recovery process, a doctor often advises the use of a soft cervical collar in conjunction with the aforesaid remedies to treat whiplashes.

05) Treats Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical Radiculopathy is another ghastly disease that can be effectively cured by wearing a neck brace. It is a pathological process which involves nerve root that arises from spondylosis, disk herniation or tumor causing the nerve root avulsion. Common symptoms include a burning sensation in the neck, tingling, or even numbness! As is the case, tumors, disc herniation, and other physical traumas can culminate nerve damage that is the root cause of cervical radiculopathy.

Physicians advise their patients to use cervical collars to successfully treat cervical radiculopathy along with due rest and bouts of light exercises. Anyone under duress can consult a general physician who specializes in spinal health to get accurate evaluation.

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