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Arm Sling

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General Details

Arm sling provides general arm support and restricts movement to assist in healing sore or injured arms and elbows that helps to keep the whole arm secure and comfortably immobilised.

The arm sling of Leon Medicare construct with soft, breathable material that is latex free and comfortable against the skin. The shoulder abduction sling additionally features a neck pad on the shoulder strap for added patient comfort. With the many sizes and can easily be adjust to a customized fit for the patient offers supportive care for treatments.

Product Size

Size in Inch 11-13 13-15 15-17 17-19 19-21 21-23
Size in cm 27.5-32.5 32.5-37.5 37.5-42.5 42.5-47.5 47.5-52.5 52.5-57.5

Uses of an arm sling:

The Arm Sling keeps the shoulder still and supported, which helps to relieve shoulder pain and encourages healing sore or injured arms, elbow and also a useful aid to shoulder surgery or a shoulder injury.

  • To immobilise the shoulder and to allow healing following shoulder injuries.
  • Following shoulder surgery such as rotator cuff repair and shoulder decompression where shoulder movement is prohibited.

Even though there are various sizes available in health care products, maybe it won’t be comfortably fit for you and you are worn out after trying different company products.

If that’s the case don’t worry all you need to do is send an Enquiry to us and we will produce to your desired measurements. With the value of excellence, respect for people; we Leon Medicare manufacture and distributor considering the needs of our patients first would make you the ultimate product just for you.

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