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Abdominal Corset Plain

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General Details

Abdominal corset plain which are considered to be an important surgical body garment, used during postoperative stages. With Leon Medicare made of elastic material and availability in various sizes and widths offer the comfortable endurance for patient.

Product Size

Size in Inch 28-32 32-36 36-40 40-44 44-48 48-52
Size in cm 70-80 80-90 90-110 100-110 110-120 120-130

Benefits from a quality Abdominal Corset Plain:

01) Abdominal Corset Plain Uses in Postoperative Care

According to medical health experts, abdominal Corset Plain are crucial in the postoperative care of abdominal surgery patients for several reasons explaining the importance and also, there are several procedures to follow after for aid in healing and comfort.Below are the main reasons why abdominal surgery patients use abdominal corset plain:

02) Abdominal Corset Plain After Tummy Tuck

For patients who have undergone a tummy tuck using an abdominal corset plain during the healing process can provide comfort where offering support and motivate your body and internal organs to undergo healing in the place you want them to. They will also help with proper circulation, thereby, speeding up the healing process while keeping the torso stable and decreasing the risk of injury.

03) Abdominal Corset Plain After Hysterectomy:

Women who have had a hysterectomy will often be comforted by the support of an abdominal corset plain which will help to keep the torso stable and help you remain cautious after the surgery.

04) Abdominal Corset Plain for Hernia and Back Surgeries:

If you had a hernia or a back surgery, using an abdominal binder will help hold your torso in position after the braces go off. In addition, it can also provide support to your back and decrease the risks of hernia.

05) Other Abdominal Surgeries:

There are other abdominal surgeries that are performed on the lower part of the abdomen that can cause your abs to sag or stretch. An abdominal corset plain can help keep your abdomen contained and tight, thereby, helping you to avoid any kind of motion that can move stitches that could cause pain and discomfort. Moreover, these binders are flexible and allow the physicians to view the sutures, staples, and/or scar, thereby making sure that the healing process is progressing in the right direction.

06) Abdominal Corset Plain: Uses in Postpartum Care

During pregnancy, the fetus will occupy a larger space inside the woman’s body which will stretch the abdominal muscles. For the baby to grow in the mother’s womb, the organs will be pushed aside to get the required space. After childbirth, the mother’s body will take some time to get back to the original form. And, even the organs will take some time to go back to the original location and her uterus will take nearly six weeks to shrink back.

So that Medical experts advise the mothers to wear an abdominal corset plain as soon as the child is born, no matter if it’s a vaginal or C-section delivery. Abdominal corset plain are known to speed up the healing process in postpartum mothers. Right compression from the postpartum abdominal binder along with natural contraction will help uterus find the right location. The same applies to other organs that have shifted during pregnancy.

07) Abdominal Corset Plain for Weight Loss

Abdominal Corset Plain can be used for weight loss around your abs where weight is known to be gained faster than other parts of the body. It will help lose weight in this particular part of the body, thereby imparting a lean appearance in the user. This is possible with abdominal corset plain as they make the wrapped area compressed and tone your abdomen. By helping with weight loss, it helps prevent health problems like obesity, heart diseases, high BP, and diabetes. Furthermore, it will give you a shapely appearance and improve posture.

Even though there are various sizes available in health care products, maybe it won’t be comfortably fit for you and you are worn out after trying different company products.

If that’s the case don’t worry all you need to do is send an Enquiry to us and we will produce to your desired measurements. With the value of excellence, respect for people; we Leon Medicare manufacture and distributor considering the needs of our patients first would make you the ultimate product just for you.

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