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Leon Medicare Holdings ( PVT ) Ltd

"Leon Medicare Holdings (pvt) LTD is committed to produce medical support products as per well recognized GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) standards which certified under the National Medicines Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka."

With the value of high quality healthcare equipment we are so much proud to present 100% Sri Lankan safe product as following proper quality assurance procedure.As reputable medical supplier company we provide access to safe, effective and affordable medical products using best technology and knowledgeable experts to ensure that only perfectly fine comfortable clinical solutions reach the end user.

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Even though there are various sizes available in health care products, maybe it won’t be comfortably fit for you and you are worn out after trying different company products.

If that’s the case don’t worry all you need to do is send an Enquiry to us and we will produce to your desired measurements. With the value of excellence, respect for people; we Leon Medicare manufacture and distributor considering the needs of our patients first would make you the ultimate product just for you.

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The Campaign for the Leon Medicare Holdings ( PVT ) Ltd is the largest Medical Devices Company.